Green Bay leaders discuss repairs to 9/11 memorial

Green Bay 9/11 memorial towers

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) –  The twin towers monument at Green Bay’s 9/11 memorial may need to wait for some much needed repairs.

Wednesday the city Parks Committee decided to refer a proposal to allocate money to fix the monument to the Public Arts Commission.

The committee wants to make sure someone from the police or fire department is at the meeting to give their thoughts.

Firefighters say the monument is more than just an addition to the Green Bay skyline. A place like the 9/11 memorial near the Neville Public Museum gives firefighters and the general public a place to remember the lives lost and sacrifices made nearly 15-and-a-half years ago.

“That day hit all of us,” Green Bay Area Firefighters union president Chad Bronkhorst said.

The monument was built in 2005 with incorrect flight numbers. The wrong type of marble was used and is now cracking. Many of the victims’ names have become difficult to read.

“If you’re going to have a monument, it’s not right to let it get like this,” city alderman Randy Scannell said.

Repairs could cost as much as $80,000. Alderman Chris Wery is suggesting a 9/11 monument sub-committee should be established or the city should consider using $80,000 worth of stadium tax money.

Scannell said, “I think the stadium tax fund is over. I can’t see any more money. I think it’s all been allocated. I think that’s all done and over.”

But city council members say they think the majority of the council would agree something needs to be done with the monument.

“it’s been needing repair for a long, long time,” Scannell said.

Firefighters say they support repairs.

“It would be nice to have some accuracy put onto the memorial and have it be a place where if you walk up to it you can at least read the names.”

Firefighters say they don’t fault the original construction of the monument. They say it was built with the right intentions.



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