Team manager shines at Wrightstown Senior Night


WRIGHTSTOWN, Wis. (WBAY) – A Wrightstown senior got to shine on the basketball court Tuesday night after years of high fives and water handouts as the team’s manager. The whole town showed up for the big moment, proving high school basketball is much more than just a sport.

Sheila Cohen celebrated senior night as a starter on the Wrightstown girls basketball team.

When asked what she likes best about basketball, she says, “All of it!”

Born with heart issues, Sheila has undergone multiple, complicated surgeries, not just surviving, but now thriving, managing the team for years.

She’s always been there cheering us on since middle school,” said her friend Brielle Buechler, a senior on the Wrightstown basketball team.” She really brightens up everyone’s day.”

Her friends say once Sheila knew she’d be playing in the big game, she told the whole school: teachers, students, and janitors.

“It was great knowing that she could finally get her moment,” said Alisha Murphy, a senior on the Wrightstown basketball team.

The best moment was when Sheila scored, and the entire crowd gave her a standing ovation.

“We were all so proud,” said Buechler, “we were jumping up after she made it.”

“We are so glad that she made the shot because she deserved it,” said Murphy.

“We feel very lucky that we are sheila’s parents because she’s special and the class is very special,” said Cindy Cohen, Sheila’s mom. “To see them be seniors makes us very sad. graduation is going to be hard.”

While at least two of the girls will go on to play college ball, Sheila’s team says they’ll never forget how they felt playing with Sheila on Senior Night.

“Those are the moments that we play basketball for. This is why we like to be a part of Wrightstown basketball, because we have moments like these that we just love,” said Murphy.

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