Warmer weather changes plans (maybe golf) for upcoming weekend


WINNEBAGO COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) – The warmer weather forecast and lack of snow is causing some people to change their plans this weekend.

Some are even digging out their golf clubs.

Westridge Golf Course in Neenah wants to open their course temporarily on Sunday.

“We were sick of watching golf on TV and it was just beautiful in Pebble beach and we said hey maybe,” said Westridge Golf Pro Stacey Gassner.

And it turns out plenty of golfers felt the same-way.

“Like w had some stock tip that everybody wanted, phone was just ringing off the hook yesterday and the day before,” said Gassner

Westridge knows some things have to go their way to open.

“Sun will really help and then the wind will help dry everything up,” said Gassner

That sun, wind and lack of snow may pan out well for Westridge but at EAA it’s caused a bit of a hiccup in their plans for the Skiplane Fly-In on Saturday.

“We will not have any ski plane plans on Saturday, so we’ll do something that’s kind of time honored in aviation, where you stand around by airplanes and you do what’s called hanger flying,” Dick Knapinski, EAA Director of Communications said. “Everybody talks about their favorite airplanes, airplanes experience.”

Regardless, the warmer temperatures and sun can be enjoyed this weekend whether it’s on the course or around planes.

“Hey, you’re out playing in February,” said Gassner.

“Come out see the vintage airplanes, enjoy some soup, enjoy some cookies,” said Knapinski.

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