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Action 2 News slate new graphics

JOB OPENING: News Reporter/MMJ

WBAY-TV and Action 2 News have an excellent opportunity for an experienced reporter/multimedia journalist to work for the #1 station in Nort…


ABC announces midseason premiere dates

Premiere dates for miniseries “When We Rise,” event movie “Dirty Dancing” and series “Time After Time” and “Imaginary Mary.”


Tom Burns

With a passion for working on both sides of the camera, he enjoys speaking with people of all walks of life and sharing their stories with o…

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Printable program guide: January 9 – 15

Catch the premiere of “Big Fan” this week, with an episode featuring Aaron Rodgers, and the season finale of “The Great American Baking Show…


Our favorite stories of 2016

While many news organizations, ourselves included, are busy making year-end lists of the “best of that,” “most important this” and “who died…

Action 2 News slate new graphics

JOB OPENING: Digital producer/editor

This person integrates written, video and audio content into articles for WBAY.com and runs the nightside and weekend live desk.

Action 2 News slate new graphics

JOB OPENING: News Photojournalist

Action 2 News is looking for a videojournalist who can do it all and loves working independently while gathering news for the best newsroom …

Sierra Gillespie

Sierra Gillespie

Though not originally from the Green Bay area, Sierra’s Wisconsin roots run deep.

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Printable program guide: January 2-8

This week features the Rose Parade, NFL wild card game, the Outback Bowl, and the season premieres of “The Bachelor” and “Match Game.”


The winner of the Power 2 Choose is …

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – After weeks of dutifully watching Action 2 News and entering those keycodes, someone has a brand new car from the P…

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Watch ABC Shows Online

November 18 update

Catch up with your favorite ABC programs and discover some new favorites.


Brittany Schmidt

After following her career from Madison to La Crosse, Brittany is happy to finally be back home.

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ABC brings back “The Gong Show”

After the successful revivals of “Match Game” and “Pyramid,” ABC is bringing back TV’s most irreverent talent show competition.