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Coats for Kids collection September 12 to November 4

Let’s get more Coats for Kids

To make sure every child has a warm coat this winter, WBAY teams up with the Salvation Army and area partners to collect Coats for Kids.

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Job Opening: Local Sales Assistant

WBAY-TV has an opening for a full-time Local Sales Assistant to prepare reports, coordinate meetings and assist the sales staff.

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ABC brings back “The Gong Show”

After the successful revivals of “Match Game” and “Pyramid,” ABC is bringing back TV’s most irreverent talent show competition.

Chris Roth's Apple Crisp served with ice cream (Photo: Cami Rapson)

Chris Roth’s apple crisp

When our Action 2 News anchors mentioned how much they loved Chris Roth’s apple crisp, viewers wanted the recipe.


Job Opening: News Producer

Action 2 News is looking for a full-time news producer. Must have some familiarity with morning newscasts and viewers.

Nolan Blair

Nolan Blair

Nolan likes meeting and talking to people. That’s where he enjoys finding stories.

Aisha Morales

Aisha Morales

Aisha Morales was awarded for Best Investigative Reporting in Colorado Springs.

Harry Connick Jr

Harry Connick Jr. comes to WBAY daytime

Harry Connick Jr. has recorded, toured, performed in movies and sitcoms, starred on Broadway and, in the process, charmed nearly everyone he…