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WBAY Holiday Program Guide 2016

Celebrate with WBAY! Your guide to all the holiday shows from “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” Nov. 23 to “The 128th Rose Parade” on Jan. 2.

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The winner of the Power 2 Choose is …

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – After weeks of dutifully watching Action 2 News and entering those keycodes, someone has a brand new car from the P…

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November 18 update

Catch up with your favorite ABC programs and discover some new favorites.


Printable program guide: November 21-27

Enjoy Christmas specials, including “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “CMA Country Christmas,” and the season finale of “Secrets and Lies”


Brittany Schmidt

After following her career from Madison to La Crosse, Brittany is happy to finally be back home.

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ABC brings back “The Gong Show”

After the successful revivals of “Match Game” and “Pyramid,” ABC is bringing back TV’s most irreverent talent show competition.

Chris Roth's Apple Crisp served with ice cream (Photo: Cami Rapson)

Chris Roth’s apple crisp

When our Action 2 News anchors mentioned how much they loved Chris Roth’s apple crisp, viewers wanted the recipe.