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February 26 update

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Brett Favre

Printable program guide: August 1-7

Highlights include a SportsCenter special: Brett Favre joins his former QB coach to discuss his career and Hall of Fame induction


Printable program guide: July 11-17

Highlights include “Secrets of ‘The Force Awakens'” (rumors say a trailer for “Rogue One” will have an appearance by Darth Vader)

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Job Opening: News Reporter/MMJ

Excellent opportunity for an experienced reporter/MMJ to work for the #1 station in the home of the Green Bay Packers. We are looking for so…

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Printable program guide: June 6-12

Highlights include the series premiere of “Uncle Buck” and “To Tell the Truth,” and a Jack Hanna special “Baby Boomers”

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ABC announces summer series and premiere dates

Game shows “$100,000 Pyramid,” “To Tell the Truth” and “500 Questions” join series “Uncle Buck,” “Mistresses” and “Bachelor in Paradise” and…

Magnolia trees bloom in Oconto Falls -  by Sandi Kane

StormCenter 2 On the Go weather photos

Since the summer of 2015, we’ve featured photos from our viewers on the opening screen (known as the “splashscreen”) of the StormCenter 2 On…