Toggle between Pen for answers and Pencil for hints * Automatic timer with “pause” * Save or print a puzzle * Detailed tutorials from the Help menu

Click on a cell then the number to place in the cell. Toggle between the Pencil (pink) to leave yourself “hints” and the Pen (blue) when you’re sure of the answer.

Automatic timer starts as soon as the puzzle loads.

Personalize your experience. Click “Menu” then “Edit” then “Preferences.”

Click “Menu” then “Help” for detailed instructions and even tutorials to improve your Sudoku skills!

Helpful Hints

Instead of toggling from Pen to Pencil, hold the Shift key to pencil a number in.

If you prefer to use the keyboard rather than the mouse, you may:

  • Use the arrow keys to navigate around the grid.
  • Use the number keys to enter a number in the highlighted cell.
  • Press the P key to toggle between Pen and Pencil
  • or hold the Shift key when clicking on a number in the input panel to pencil that number in. You may find these more convenient than toggling between the Pen and Pencil icons.
  • Press the space or Delete key to remove any numbers from the highlighted cell.
  • Press “U” to Undo your last entry.
  • Press “C” to change all cells with one hint to pen

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