False Billing Scheme Target 2

Target 2 Preview: False Billing Scheme

A business owner in Hilbert contacted Target 2 when she got a $70 bill from a company called Website Backup Service. The issue: she never si…

Target 2 Consumer Alert slate HD

Scam Targets Student Loan Holders

Most students coming out of college have thousands of dollars in student loan debt. 70 percent of students graduating with a bachelor’s degr…

Target 2 Consumer Alert slate HD

Target 2: Elderly and Lottery Crimes

Tonight we are learning more about how online thieves use a popular internet site to target people by making you think they’re right in your…

Target 2 Consumer Alert slate HD

Target 2: Tax Return Frauds

The end of the year means its time to start thinking about taxes. As if that isn’t enough, there’s the idea that someone would file a bogus …

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